In the current climate of declining resources it is becoming increasingly important to be able to measure the effectiveness of road safety education initiatives.

The Department for Transport (DfT) and RoSPA have developed a 'Road Safety Evaluation' website which gives advice and guidance on how to evaluate.

At the heart of the website is 'E-valu-it', a free-to-use on-line evaluation tool. From the answers to a series of questions, E-valu-it will recommend appropriate evaluation methods and, from the results of the evaluation, will produce a final report demonstrating the effectiveness of the activity.

Currently, the srsCULTURE team are working with the E-valu-it team to develop a built-in evaluation process for the srsCULTURE programme using the E-valu-it toolkit.

Evaluation feedback from our members will then inform the future development of srsCULTURE to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Road Safety Calculator

Try our free Road Safety Calculator for Schools to deliver a quick assessment of how your school performs against best practice. Are you addressing your Duty of Care in terms of this important life skill?

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